Junior addresses financial education inadequacy

Financial education has not seen a full involvement with academic curriculum. Junior Rushil Shah has noticed this issue and has decided take action. 

“Finance is something I have always been passionate about,” Shah said. “Growing up, I always volunteered at Title 1 schools and it helped me notice the lack of finance-based education.”

As a response, Rushil has started his own program to help teach kids the importance of finance.

“I decided to start my own organization in which I go into schools and teach children about saving, budgeting and investing money,” Shah said.

Principal Rick Fleming expressed admiration for Shah’s project.

“He comes from a family that heavily believes in giving back,” Fleming said. “Rushil saw the opportunity and decided to take action. He really wants to teach the youth. I was very impressed by his initiative and foresight for this cause, and I feel this community is very supportive and wants to give back.”

Rushil said West Shore has helped advance his goal.

“It’s has definitely shown me that to help the community out in a positive way you always have to go above and beyond, and contribute to the community in a positive manner,” he said.

By Trey Hatter