Inspirational speaker Mero wrestles bullying

Marc Mero, a former amateur boxer and professional wrestler, who is now a motivational speaker, came to present to all students on his BADD Tour on Tuesday. 

“I thought his presentation [was] somewhat genuine, but because it was so rehearsed it did not personally affect me,” freshman Taqwa Naas said. “I believe that Mr. Mero did have a touching story, [and] I saw the actor side of him more than his genuine inspiring side.”

During the presentation, Mero discussed his hardships as a child, and problems that he dealt with throughout his career as an adult. He also addressed topics such as suicide and bullying. Although some people were crying in the bleachers, not everyone was touched by his speech.

“I did not enjoy Marc Mero’s presentation,” freshman Cierra Turner said. “I think Marc Mero is an incredibly nice man who only wants to encourage teens, which I respect and admire. It had no real impact on my life, which disappoints me.”

Mero travels to multiple schools on his BADD (Be Against Destructive Decisions) Tour. Brevard County Island Motor Sales sponsored his trip to West Shore. Mero has traveled all throughout the country to share his words to as many schools as he can.

“His presentation did not really change my life much, but I sure do know that it did change many others,” Naas said.

By Carly Peterson