Hurricane Nicole has little effect on freshmen


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Hurricane Nicole caused schools to be closed for two days last week.

Category one Hurricane Nicole swept across Florida last week and damaged many areas, causing power outages and the spread of debris. Freshmen were affected at varying levels and some not even at all. 

“I would say my house suffered minimal damage,” freshman Max Rogers said. “There is a lot of brush to pick up but not anything severe.”

Similar to Rogers, freshman Kadin Kazi described the damage at his house as minimal.

“Not much occurred during the hurricane,” said Kazi. “There was a baby palm tree that fell over but no problems with the house because we put up shutters.”

Freshman Christian Thein said missing school turned out to be less fun than expected.

“Not many problems besides having to rake up a bunch of leaves,” he said. “I was annoyed that everything was closed for the hurricane because I wanted to do something instead of being cramped up at home doing homework all day.”

Rogers said the hurricane allowed him to change up his routine.

“On Sunday, me and my friends went to Sky Zone,” he said. “It was not really crowded there because of the hurricane, so we had the entire place to ourselves for a few hours.”

Thein also took the chance during the hurricane to have a good time.

“I have a kayak and there is a lake outside my house,” he said. “I thought you know what, this would be funny and I went kayaking in the lake which was flooded.”

Rogers noticed some unusual water-based activity in his neighborhood as well.

“I even saw some kids boogie-boarding in the puddles after the storm,” he said.

By Blake Johnson