Facilities open for girls’ lacrosse

Girls’ lacrosse tryouts have been scheduled for the last week in January, but team facilities opened earlier this month. According to Florida High School Athletics Association guidelines, veteran players and those who hope to make the team can now use the sticks and practice the basics of the sport. 

“It’s been really great for all these new girls who are new lacrosse because they are getting the experience, learning the basics without us having to waste time during season,” junior Audrey Johnson said.

The team has been training on campus for the past few weeks, and now can take its training to the next level.

“It’s really helpful not just for the new players, but also for the returning players who didn’t play on a club team over the summer,” junior Mallory Chauvin said. “These practices help us get back into the sport and re-learn things we forgot since last season.”

By Jane Theofiledes