Dual-enrollment summer classes start this week

Many Eastern Florida State College dual-enrollment students will be starting their respective summer classes while the high-school year is still ongoing. Classes for the Term A session will begin this week, approximately two weeks before the high school year is set to end.

“With summer classes at the college beginning right during the midst of AP testing, and a few weeks before exams are set to begin, it brings forth a stressful period of time during the end of the year,” junior Zack Shahzad said. “I have to take classes online to meet graduation requirements over the summer, so it’s another class that I got to remember to take care of while trying to study for exams and finish off the last part of my junior year.”

Online classes are available beginning today. As a result, some are forced to take classes during Term A.

“This is my first time taking a class at Eastern Florida, and it was a big hassle signing up for the class because they don’t usually allow first-time students to take the courses online,” freshman Madeleine Coalter said. “I had to sign up for the class for Term A, because I will be travelling and won’t be able to attend physical classes. Having a college class start during the normal school year is very stressful because everything gets crazy at the end of the year with testing.”

By Jonelle Plahuta