Drawing tablets remain in transit


New drawing tablets ordered by graphic arts teacher James Finch remain in transit. 

Finch requested new tablets because of students stealing their pens and damaging them over the years. Each tablet costs around $100.

“Time in receiving the goods has been frustrating,” Finch said. Three months and [I’m] still waiting. This has taken much longer than any purchase I have requested funds for.

According to bestbuy.com, the WACOM tablets are used for graphics and convert hand-done drawings to digital form. Freshman Ziva Lopez, a Digital Art 1 student, owns one herself.

“They’re useful when they work,” Lopez said. “They can be pretty helpful whenever they work and don’t glitch out on us when we’re trying to use them. Otherwise, they help the process of painting or coloring the art piece.”

However, Lopez said the poor condition of the tablets, especially in regard to the stolen pens, has been a problem.

“The effect it has is usually very annoying,” she said. “Without a pen, the tablet is practically useless. Stolen pens happen way more than they should and it’s pretty discouraging to see it.”

By Rhea Sinha