Club volleyball enjoys holiday spirit

Spirit volleyball club held a tournament among themselves in the Bethany Christian School gymnasium Sunday. The club called the tournament Round Robin, which is where the girls split up into four teams. The teams then alternated to different courts and play each other. The competition wasn’t based on which team won the most games but which one scored the most points. The special part about this mini tournament was that each team got a name such as the elves and dressed up accordingly.

“Adding in the Christmas-named teams allowed us to dress up and just have a lot of fun with all of the girls,” sophomore Sally Kempfer said.

Junior Jordan Dale appreciated a break from the ordinary.

“Most of the things we do in club volleyball are serious and we don’t really have time to have much fun,” she said. “So this was a great way to get with our new teammates and get familiar with how they play and how we are going to work together.” 

Spirit Volleyball club will not hold any more practices until after Winter Break.

By Dylan Straley