Classes wind down with eyes on exams

Nathaniel Curtis, Managing Editor

As Advanced Placement exams and semester finals approach, students often notice a reduction in the amount of homework and assignments. That time has returned. AP exams begin on Monday and last until May 17. The week after is the week of final exams.

“I’m taking four AP exams this year,” senior Greg Topp said. “I know I can do it, and we’ve had great teachers, but it is going to be like four days of nothing but writing. It won’t be fun, but I really want to test out of some of these college classes.”

While practice exams are now the most prevalent in AP classes, honors and middle school-classes are now being handed study guides for their own finals.

“The worst part about exams is our study guides we have to do before hand,” seventh-grader Marina C. said. “I guess they help though.”