Cafeteria receives 5-star rating

The school cafeteria has once again received a 5-Star Cafeteria designation by restaurant industry standards under the leadership of manager Alyce Higginbotham.

Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer noted that the district has a five-page report that goes through with a variety of criteria the cafeteria manager is responsible for. Each of the items on the list are weighted differently and once they add up to a specified number of points, the cafeteria receives a star rating.

The list includes the number of meals served for breakfast and for lunch, the temperatures of the food, sanitation procedures, marketing procedures and the number of items on the line. The district expects each school to earn the 5-star rating every year.

“I think that it’s great that West Shore’s cafeteria has been given 5-stars because I have always thought that cafeteria food wasn’t all that good,” virtual lab teacher Laura Richardson said. “Knowing that we got 5 stars makes me more willing to want to go into line a buy food because I know that they have a bigger selection and the sanitation is great.” 

Sophomore Anyah Clarke said the honor is well-deserved.

“I feel that they should have earned the five stars because even though the food isn’t that good, they are very clean and have a wide selection of options,” Clarke said.

By Cortney Vanover