Brevard Zoo welcomes baby Eastern bongos


Brevard Zoo

The Eastern bongo calf was born on Oct. 10.

The Brevard Zoo added a new species to its environment on Oct. 10: baby Eastern bongos.  

Eastern bongos are one of the largest forest antelopes, ranging from 450 to 900 pounds. They are an unusual species in that they are the only antelope to have horns on both males and females. 

Clover, an Eastern bongo, gave birth to a female calf. 

“This is an important birth for our zoo,” said Lauren Delgado, communications manager for the Brevard Zoo.  

Although this addition to the Brevard Zoo is interesting, it is also very important, according to Delgado.

“This species is critically endangered,” she said. 

Eastern bongos are native to Kenya and are on the brink of extinction due to poachers and hunters. 

“I have seen the antelopes myself and never knew that such a beautiful animal was endangered,”  junior Dawson Jenkins said. “I can’t believe someone would want to harm them just for the money.”  

They were examined and confirmed to be healthy. They are covered in red fur with white stripes. The Brevard Zoo wants to keep them and allow them to grow up in a safe environment, Delgado said.

By Adrian Mahindra