Blue Ribbon celebration set for Friday

Scott Quigley

A school-wide National Blue Ribbon event has been scheduled for Friday to celebrate the school’s receiving the recognition for a third time. Students will be released from homerooms from 12:15 p.m. to 2 p.m. to explore various

“I think that it will be an overall enjoyable event and a good break from the various other things students usually have going on around that time,” junior Mahmood Syed said. “Especially in the second half of the year, students are going through a lot of stress, and this celebration will be a good way to keep our minds off of schoolwork for a chance.”

Students will attend all seven classes which have been trimmed to 20 minutes each. Following lunch, student will then go to homeroom, and the celebration will follow shortly thereafter.

“I’m curious to see what exactly we will be doing for all of this time we will spend not in class,” sophomore Nathan Foo said. “Whether it’s essentially Power Hour but longer, or if we will be restricted to be with our homeroom class, and other things like that. It will still be better than our normal day of school. I like how they are rewarding us for our hard work by giving us a little bit of a break from our usual rigorous workload.”

By Scott Quigley