Blood Drive follow up


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The Big Red Bus will be on campus Monday.

The OneBlood Big Red Bus is coming to campus for the annual blood drive Monday, and senior Lauren Mannix said she is ready.

“I’m not terribly worried,” she said. “I used to have to get my blood drawn once a month for my accutane and getting my blood drawn doesn’t bother me at all.”

However, Mannix has not donated blood before.

I actually really wanted to donate blood last year but I was on accutane so I wasn’t allowed to,” she said. “I really like the idea that I am able to help others and play a part in saving lives. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but this is the first year I’m eligible.” 

and . The Key Club has organized the blood drive in the past and they are continuing this year.

The Key Club once again is sponsoring the event.

“Donating blood saves lives of people in our community who are in need, following an emergency or trauma,” club sponsor Jennifer Staton said. “Donating blood could save the life of someone you know. Without donations, hospitals would not have access to a supply which saves peoples’ lives daily.”