Blackboard slated to replace Edline


During the summer, Brevard County schools will begin to implement Blackboard Connect, a learning management system similar to Edline where teachers can upload material such as upcoming tests, projects, homework, class expectations, and progress reports. The reason for this change is because the District’s contract with Edline is planned to end in December leaving students and teachers with no platform to interact with. If the District had chosen to use Edline after the contract had ended, additional fees would be required. In order to avoid paying a higher cost for the same software, the administration chose to use Blackboard. With this new system teacher and students question how Blackboard Connect will change the way grades are uploaded and viewed.

Sophomore Mahmood Syed said he believes the new system will benefit schools.

“Edline just looks outdated and the number of times I would get a report with errors in it was a little troubling,” he said. “Hopefully, Blackboard gives students an easier way to interact with their teachers.”

However, sophomore Cullen Yarbrough said he isn’t too concerned about the transition.

“I don’t know what to expect from Blackboard I would assume its similar to Edline since it came from Blackboard,” he said.

Chemistry 1 and AP Chemistry teacher Carolyn Horst expresses her anticipation for the introduction of Blackboard.

“Edline was never user-friendly, and throughout my years of teaching Blackboard would be an excellent substitute for Edline,” she said.” My only complaint is the time frame given to teachers to familiarize ourselves with the new software for the next school year.”

By Leighton Johnson