All-County concert approaches

Selected students are preparing for the annual All-County chorus concert, taking place on January 31 at the King Center from 3:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

All-County allows students who take music seriously to get more outside experience.

“It’s an opportunity for students who are musically confident beyond just sitting in the classroom to learn and to combine into one chorus to make a more advanced sound,” participant junior Briana Barreiros said.  “We can challenge ourselves beyond what is required in class situations.”

All-County includes advanced performers from many schools and brings them together as an ensemble to perform several choral pieces, presenting multiple benefits.

“You get to sing with a lot of experienced and talented people around you,” participant junior Adrianna Green said.  “The directors give you a lot of good advice and so when the whole ensemble comes together, it sounds amazing.”

There are five uniquely sounding pieces that will be performed on concert day.

Anyone can attend by simply getting tickets from either an All-County participant or by choir director Amy Davis.

By Emily McClendon