Whirly Girls compete at Eau Gallie High School


Aubrey Tegland

Abby Hedrick (9) at the drone competition held at Eau Gallie High School

The Whirly Girls drone team kicked off the new yearatn a mini-competition held at Eau Gallie High School last Saturday.

They were competing against teams from Holy Trinity, Eau Gallie and Suntree Elementary. During the competition, the teams used their drones to run through different courses containing obstacles. Members of the Whirly Girls, both JV and varsity, were divided into three teams they entered into the competition. One of their teams placed second, while the other teams came in fourth and fifth.

“The competition was kind of chaotic since it was one of the first competitions of the year, but I feel like everyone performed well.” Abigail Watson, a varsity Whirly Girl, said. “We didn’t have our best drones there because we didn’t really know what the situation would be. So, we brought some of our older drones to make sure they didn’t break.”

As the Innovation Games, a competition where students from Brevard County take part in various STEM-related contests, inches closer, the Whirly Girls find themselves preparing through these mini-competitions.

“The competitions before Innovation day are really a chance for the girls to practice against students from other schools and see what they are flying and look at different strategies,” Jill Whitacre, team coach and sponsor of the Whirly Girls, said.

According to varsity Whirly Girl, Abby Hedrick, one of the advantages that comes with these mini-competitions is getting to compete with other drone teams from schools that will also participate in the Innovation Games.

“It’s a good way to scout the competition before the Innovation Games,” Hedrick said.

The Whirly Girls plan to participate in two more of these mini-competitions, one of which West Shore will be hosting. These remaining competitions will eventually lead to the Innovation Games on March 6.

I feel like we’re getting better every time and it’s helping us prepare for the pressure of the Innovation Games,” Watson said.

The girls will continue to practice in order to be fully prepared for that event.

“I feel sure the girls will be ready for the competition as we will add more practices when the time gets closer,” Whitacre said.

By Aytek Abdulla