Two entries top Prom-ticket design contest


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2014 graduate Richard Dujovne cuts loose at last year’s Prom.

Juniors Tess Landis and Srimayi Tenali have won  the Prom-ticket design contest sponsored by the Junior Class. Originally there was supposed to be one winner, but Junior Class officers like their designs so much they decided to incorporate both on the ticket. Both Landis and Srimayi will receive a free admission to Prom.

Tenali entered despite not having previous design experience.

“I think art and design are cool, but I’ve never done anything in them before,” Tenali said.”I entered because I hoped to win a free Prom ticket. I think that it was a really good idea for the Junior Class because there were a lot of submissions, probably for that same reason.”

This is the first time Landis has entered a design contest.

“I’ve always been interested in art,” Landis said. “I think it’s fun to make things either with my hands or design on the computer.”

Marygrace Lally, Junior Class president, said the officers couldn’t decide which entry they liked best.

“We were supposed to pick one person, but we really liked both of their designs,” Lally said. “We decided that we really liked Tess’s on the back and Tenali’s on the front. They kind of matched, so we just combined them.”

The design will not be released until Prom tickets go on sale.

By Erin Ryan