Tigers maul Lady Wildcats


Ben Lack and David Thompson

The Wildcat girls’ basketball team fell to Holy Trinity 53-12 Tuesday night. Leading the way for the Wildcats was junior Mary Billhartz with 6 points.

“In the beginning of the game we were playing pretty good defense,” Billhartz said. “But we had no offense and nobody was working together and then we just fell apart from there. We had no points in the first quarter and we had a really hard time with scoring. We didn’t have Rebecca [Castillo] which is one of our starters and main players so it [stunk]. I’m glad that I contributed but we lose every game, so I’m tired of losing. They weren’t even that good, that’s the thing, we just weren’t playing our best.”

The Lady ‘Cats next play again Thursday, when they host Melbourne Central Catholic at 7 p.m.