Theater students bring home one-act superiors


Junior Gerald Sola, senior Lizzie Guerra, senior Moses Chavez-Gray and junior Daly Mann perform Saturday.

Seniors Lizzie Guerra, Ian Kennedy, Moses Chavez-Gray, Lauren McMillan, Nic Stelter, Marti Parguian and Eve Beard along with juniors Jerry Sola and Daly Mann made the theater department proud by bringing back Superiors from the One Act Competition on Saturday. The One Act Competition consists of around 25 schools performing a show that can’t be longer than 40 minutes. The schools then each get a rating on how well they did. The show West Shore performed “Dinner with the Macguffins” was a huge hit, according to Senior Moses Chavez Gray.

“It felt pretty good getting superiors,” Chavez-Gray  said. “While we have gotten superiors in the past, it was still a nice accomplishment. While we didn’t advance to state, we were still proud of our performance and believed we did well together as a cast and had a lot of fun doing it. Definitely an experience I enjoyed.” 

Not only did they get Superiors at the competition, but some also received individual awards such as All-Star Cast Member to Guerra, Best Supporting Actor to Stelter and Best Cameo Actress to Beard.

Guerra said she felt great about how the performance went.

“I think it was the best run we did, and I think a lot of that was due to having an audience that was laughing,” she said. “It changed the whole energy of the performance and made us want to do that much better. Amazingly, at least from my perspective, everything went as planned. Besides having an entire butterfly garden in my stomach, it all went smoothly.” 

Chavez-Gray summed up his experience.

“As a senior, being involved in theater all the time has helped me find something I truly enjoy and have a passion for,” he said. “Personally, I see theater as a wonderful outlet to express yourself and meet lasting friends. To those interested in it, I say go for it because I was actually forced to do it at first, and didn’t think I would like it at all, but now its one of my favorite things and is something I want to hold onto and possibly pursue in the future. You never know, my advice is to try it and honestly, you will probably enjoy it and it will most likely teach you a thing or two.” 

By Anna Wilder