Students get artsy in Eau Gallie


Angelina Grosso

Sophomore Christina Lawson participates in the art festival.

West Shore artists and art aficionados showed up to the Eau Gallie Fine Arts festival during the weekend to paint, sell or simply look at art. The event gave them the freedom to create whatever art they wanted and chose what to do with their art.

“I liked how it showcased so many different styles of art and gave students an opportunity to show off and possibly sell their work,” sophomore Madison Newcombe said.

West Shore had it’s own table in the student art section next to ones from other schools. Participants could have conversations with the artist about their work.

“I ask people what dream house they would like, then I it sketch for free,” junior Olivia Langford said. ”Sometimes people give donations”

Area photographers, painters, sculptors and others also displayed their work.

“It was really amazing to see all the artists because a lot of them were working on pieces right in front of you,” Newcombe said. “It’s really cool to see how they make the pictures that are for sale.”

A participant in the show, Elizabeth Redford painted portraits of people or animals. She takes pictures of friends and then paints them or she will go to the Brevard Zoo to paint the animals.

“Paint something you love,” Redford says to aspiring artist.” If you want to paint, paint something you love and you will be good at it.”

By Savannah Henderson