Soap fund-raiser targets learning disabilities


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Types of personal care products being sold by the Junior Class.

The Junior Class will be raising funds to help an organization for students with learning disabilities while also raising money for Prom.

“We are selling soaps the first week of December. We get 40 percent of profits and the rest goes to an organization for students with learning disabilities,” Treasurer Haley Alvarez-Lauto said. “There’s an assortment of bath bombs, lotions, sugar scrubs and bars of soap that are available for students to purchase.”

Alvarez-Lauto said this is a good way to help this organization, while also aiding the Junior Class in its fund-raising goals for their Prom budget.

“Personally, I think the soaps are super-cute and smell really nice,” she said. “It’s an easy way to get something cute in return for supporting the Junior Class as well as donate to a good cause for the kids with learning disabilities.” 

The Junior Class officers have planned out the timing of the fund-raiser to get the greatest amount of customers possible.

“We’re holding the fund-raiser right before the holiday season in hopes of students purchasing them as presents, as the soaps would make great holiday gifts for friends and family,” Alvarez-Lauto said.

However, Carsen Brown (9) said she is skeptical that soaps will sell well on campus.

” I feel like it’s good where the money is going to but I don’t feel like many people will buy that type of stuff especially at school,” Brown said. “I feel like it’s gender-restrictive because mostly girls buy that type of stuff more than guys.”

The price of bars of soap is $6, a small basket is $10, a medium basket is $15 and a large is $20. Bath bombs are $5. There will be pre-sale for the items during the first week of December and then the items will be delivered to students.

By Laya Damaraju