Senior Class to pick up breakfast tab


Zuri Lawrence

Kassie West, Stryker Sinclair, and Ben Mechachonis get food during the 2014 Senior Breakfast.

There may be no such a thing as free lunch, but members of the Senior Class will soon enjoy a free breakfast, courtesy of a fund-raising windfall. Officers met Thursday to decide how they are going to spend thousands of dollars brought in from various fund-raisers last year. About $5,000 of the sum already has been earmarked to subsidize the cost of Grad Bash busing and to rent the King Center for this year’s graduation ceremony. But officers discussed what to do with the remaining $12,000.

Communications officer Sergio Carlos had the idea to purchase a statue of a wildcat and host a color run to help finance the purchase. However, the color run idea was rejected because the district felt that it would not be safe for students.

“While I was at a debate tournament in Orlando, I saw that that high school had a statue of their mascot in front of their auditorium, and so I pitched the idea to the officers last year,” Carlos said. “I thought that with this color run fund-raiser, we would raise enough money to buy this statue, but unfortunately it didn’t materialize.”

Instead, the Senior Class will spend the the money covering the costs of senior breakfast, scheduled for Feb. 19. The breakfast and will return to the Eau Gallie Yacht Club following a one-year hiatus. The tickets were originally going to be $18, but the Senior Class will pick up the entire cost so that no student has to pay.

“Even though the statue idea didn’t work out, I’m proud that we were able to make senior breakfast free for all students,” Carlos said. “It shows just how hard we’ve worked these past two years.”

Joy Oni welcomed the news.

“I was really hoping that senior breakfast would be free, but I wasn’t completely sure,” Oni said. “I’m completely thrilled that it is though. Senior breakfast is a super-important occasion, and it’s nice to know that it’s free for everyone to attend.”

With the money that they have left over, the Senior Class plans to subsidize the cost of Prom ticket prices and the senior picnic.

By Alexa Carlos