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Senior adds another brick to Pink Floyd’s wall

Senior Spencer Wilson shows off the inspiration for his Senior Project on Oct. 11.

Homecoming King and Theater Troupe 6034 actor Spencer Wilson is working on his Senior Project, a full production of an original musical based on Pink Floyd’s hit album “The Wall.”

“It started off with me just wanting to make a script for a movie, and only a script.” Wilson said. “Then, I thought about it for a little and realized that there already is a movie for ‘The Wall’, so because of my recent joining of the theater troupe, I decided to make a script for a musical. From there, the idea for putting on the full show came in and took over.”

Senior Seminar teacher Adrienne Gent explained that students can choose one of three pathways for their Senior Projects: AP Capstone, Science Research, or Senior Seminar. Wilson chose the Senior Seminar path.

“I think it’ll be really interesting,” Gent said about Wilson’s project. “Kids can’t use our theater because of the different types of restrictions that we have for after-hours activities, so he’s going to have to go out into the community and find a community-based theater and work with a lot of different people in a professional setting. So, not only does he have the creative component that is a stretch but also the communication aspect of working within the community.”

Wilson said he knows of the large scale of the project he has undertaken. He has finished roughly five out of the total 26 songs in the script. A known fan of Pink Floyd, he said he has no problem with putting in the work to bring his vision into reality.

I chose ‘The Wall’ because it tells a very good story,” Wilson said. “It’s timeless. It will also bring in a lot of the older people that are like, ‘Oh, hey, I like ‘The Wall’, I wanna see this show.’ Plus, it’s one of my favorite albums of all time, so I am more than happy to dedicate nine months of my life to it.”

Caroline Miller, theater teacher and director of the West Shore’s two theatre troupes, Junior Troupe 88940 and Troupe 6034, also commented on the project.

“I think it’s incredibly creative,” Miller said. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone doing something like it, so it’s very unique and it is a big project for sure. I know that Spencer’s very passionate about what he’s doing, and I think that’s awesome. I’m excited to see what he’s writing.”

Miller expressed some concern about Wilson balancing his time between the project and his acting role as Grimsby in the upcoming school musical, “The Little Mermaid”.  She said that this is a concern for all seniors, though. Miller has experience with production of stage shows, having directed a play herself when she was a senior. Unlike Wilson, she was able to use the school auditorium.

“I know that’s something that’s changed,” she said. “I think definitely having to go out into the community and find people who can offer a space for him will be a challenge, and also the financials of it because he is a kid in high school.”

Wilson plans on making tickets to see the show free of charge but said that if he does have to make the tickets cost money, it would all go to paying back the theatre he produces the show at. He has yet to decide where, but he said the Henegar Center and Melbourne Civic Center are at the top of his list. If that fails, though, he said he is willing to put on the show in his own backyard.

Getting the venue is probably the second most difficult thing I need to do,” Wilson said. “Timing is the biggest issue. There’s so much I need to do, plus all the other stuff I need to do for school. Surprisingly, the creative aspects of it aren’t an issue. That is actually my favorite part about it.”

Wilson said he wants the hit songs “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2″ and “Comfortably Numb” to be the biggest moments in the show due to their significance to his story plans. He plans on hosting auditions for the show in the early months of 2024.

I have talked to many people about this production, and many have said that they are willing to help out, which honestly is amazing,” he said. “I have huge respect for all of them. There will be auditions, and they will be public, so not just friends and whatnot but random people I don’t know, too.”

Wilson plans to advertise both auditions and the show itself with posters around the school, so he said he encourages those who are interested to keep an eye out next year or to reach out to him directly. He said he hopes to have two showings of the production. However he said he is willing to alter that to be more or less as needed.

For a good portion of my life, I’ve always loved creating,” Wilson shared. “Since I was like five to seven years old, I would use random toys around the house to make little worlds. I gave voices, actions and little quirks to all of them and made little movies in my head. I used to sit in my room and play Minecraft on my Xbox while pretending that I was making a YouTube video, just talking to myself like there was a studio recording going out to millions of viewers. Even now, I like making little skits on my phone sometimes. I’ve always loved creating things from my own mind. So why not use that creative ability plus a little analysis of a famous album to finally create something huge?”

By Catalina Pelli


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