Red Moon in Venus

Evy Nigh, Staff Writer

American singer-songwriter, Kali Uchis, delivered a mesmerizing performance at Orlando’s Universal Studios on March 1, 2023. This was the fourth stop on her ‘Red Moon in Venus’ tour, which followed the release of her latest album.

Uchis’ concert opened with a short set by British pop singer, RAYE. Although RAYE  was not the focus of this concert, she definitely grabbed the audience’s attention. Her set closed with her TikTok-famous song ‘Escapism’. This was the perfect ending to her set because it gave the crowd a song that is familiar to them so we could sing and dance along. I was prepared to be rolling my eyes through the opener and just waiting for it to be over, but RAYE’s performance was a pleasant surprise.

From the moment she stepped on stage with her backup dancers surrounding her with large feathered fans, Kali Uchis put on an unforgettable performance. She not only performed her most popular songs from the album, but also some of her nostalgic songs outside of the album. This included ‘telepatia’,  ‘After the Storm’, ‘Loner’, ‘Speed’, and my favorite, ‘See You Again’. Among the performances of the songs in her album, ‘Endlessly’ and ‘Moonlight’ stood out from the rest. As Kali amazed the crowd with these songs, her backdrop presented a cosmic variety of lights and heart illustrations. From top to bottom of her set, she exhilarated the whole audience.

Overall, from the lighting effects and staging to Kali’s beautiful voice, this performance was extraordinary. This concert put me in awe, leaving me with an experience I will never forget.