PTA springs for new microwave ovens


Allie Kellner

Senior Brianna Sandoval heats mac and cheese in one of the new microwave ovens Monday.

The cafeteria has been given the gift of four brand new microwaves from the PTA just in time for the holiday season.

“The PTA saw what the old microwaves looked like and decided that it was about time the cafeteria got some new ones and so they [the PTA] bought four brand new appliances and discarded of the old ones,” Assistant Principal for Facilities Catherine Halbuer said.

Junior Hannah Radak said the new ovens won’t impact her much.

“I think the new microwaves are a good thing for others but not necessarily a necessity because me and some people I know don’t really use the microwaves so it doesn’t affect me,” she said.

Junior Morgan Stewart said the money could have been spent in better ways.

“I like that the new microwaves are cleaner and allow me to heat my food faster,” she said. “However, I think the PTA should have spent the money elsewhere on something that would have been more beneficial and educational for the students.” 

By Cortney Vanover