Pizza parked at soccer games


Skye Carl

The pizza truck will be parked near the soccer field during home games.

Call it soccer and a slice. Those attending girls’ soccer home games will have an opportunity to purchase Iannuzzo’s pizza from a food truck parked near the field. A slice of cheese sells for $4 and pepperoni for $4.50. French fries and chicken tenders also are on the menu.

Freshman Madison Mannix said having food and drinks at the game is convenient.

“I like having the pizza truck there because the food really is good and a lot better than concession stand was,” she said. ”There was a line when I got to the pizza, but it wasn’t too long and moves pretty fast.”

Freshman Skye Carl who attends the soccer games regularly says she has an issue with the prices.

“The pizza was $4 a slice and I got two,” Carl said. ”They are just normal size slices, and $4 is way too much for an average slice.”

But that’s not going to keep Carl from making a purchase.

“The pizza is right there,” she said. “There are no other options, so I will be going to the truck.”

Mannix said she doesn’t think the pizza truck will  help with game attendance.

“I don’t think people will come to more of our games for the pizza,” she said. “It’s a little expensive so they will probably just go somewhere else.”

By Rhyann Martin