Pantomime to perform at state festival opening ceremonies


Rachel Montgomery

After receiving four best of show medals at the District 11 district competition, Troupe 6034 has yet another honor placed on them. Along with the rest of Troupe 6034 attending and performing events at the Florida State Thespian Festival in March, the pantomime “A Baby Surprise!” will perform at opening ceremonies to represent the district. 

At the District 11 festival the pantomime performance was the 3rd runner up to being chosen for the Critics Choice award, which allows the act to represent the district and perform at opening ceremonies. However the first two events chosen to perform are unable to attend the festival due to issues regarding their registration. 

“The second I heard the news I ran to tell everyone else,” senior Nic Stelter said. “West Shore hasn’t achieved this in years, and it’s amazing to leave behind such a great legacy. It feels like we actually won the Crictics Choice award and I couldn’t be happier.”

When performing at closing ceremonies, the performance for the pantomime had a standing ovation. 

“Getting a standing ovation for something you’ve worked so hard on is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the whole world,” junior Catherine Tenbusch said. “Halfway through the performance people started standing and by the end the whole auditorium was standing. It was completely surreal.”

At the Florida State Thespian Festival, the opening ceremony will held David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, which seats over 4,000 people. 

“I love our pantomime, and the fact that we have the opportunity to perform it for thousands of theatre kids all around Florida is exhilarating,” senior Lizzie Guerra said. ” It’s the perfect way to start my final State [trip], and I can’t wait until March.”