Model Student Senate team prevails


Brooke Owen-Thomas

West Shore’s Model Student Senate team received top honors Fridday.

West Shore’s Model Student Senate team captured the coveted School Commendation Award during the Senate session held at the school board offices at Viera on Friday.

Senior Sean Casey won the leadership award for leading the Republican Party as minority leader Mitch McConnell the judges’ choice for most influential senator. Junior Sergio Carlos took home the leadership award, portraying the majority whip Dick Durbin and the peer choice award for most effective senator.

“I’ve been doing this for four years and we’ve never had this many people just from West Shore,” Casey said. “The most impressive thing is just how people really get into character. It’s impressive to see people go against their own beliefs just to play their parts.”

Other notable accomplishments by West Shore students included senior Molly Minta winning for Most Effective Committee leader, junior Hannah Montgomery for  Best Portfolio Republican, senior Sarah Tanke for Most Effective Committee member, freshmen Sophia Nguyen and Gianni Valenti for most Effective Committee members. In addition, senior Sara Porhammer received the Leadership award for Majority Whip.

Rounding out the West Shore team were seniors Liz Schmidt and Jeremy Hoffower; juniors Ashley Norris and Ana Rosal;  sophomores Nicole Conde and Fatima Hussain; and freshmen Molly Redito and Emme Thomas.