Home room flags beginning to catch on


Kha Duong

Science teacher Angela Feldbush displays her flag during a home-room meeting.

In an attempt to help build school spirit and raise flagging interest in twice-monthly meetings, home rooms have been the task of creating flags that will be displayed during pep rallies and at the Wildcat Challenge field day next spring. So far, reaction to the initiative has been mixed.

“I like the homeroom flags,” sophomore class president Moses Chavez-Gray said. “I like the flags in the sense that they bring students of each homerooms together.”

Each home room received a blank felt flag in a color specific to grade level. For example, all sophomore home rooms have red flags and all junior home rooms have light blue flags. Home room groups also were asked to come up with creative slogans and entertaining themes for their their flag.

“When my homeroom teacher, [Mark] Schledorn, told us that pizza was the prize for the best flag and most ribbons, my homeroom decided to have a pizza-themed flag,” Chavez-Gray said. “Initially,  we also wanted to put a picture of Mr.Schledorn on the flag, but then it was decided that we put a picture of me posing as a king on the flag.”

Sophomore Class sponsor Gabrielle Powers was also involved in the making of a flag with her own homeroom.

“The home-room flag is great in theory if the students buy into it,” she said. “It’s hard to start something new in a grade level that has never made a flag, but I think it’s going to be especially good once we use them for Wildcat Challenge. Homeroom teachers have to get the students excited for it as well as the students themselves, who should feel passionate about the flags when making them. It’s hard sometimes when the students don’t really care about the activities and process when making these flags.

“It was also sort of an inconvenience when we didn’t have the desired supplies needed to construct the flag,” Powers added. “Overall, it was really pleasing seeing the students getting motivated to create the flag. My homeroom students really stepped up and that was very gratifying.”

By Briana Sandoval