Heritage sends boys to emergency room


Dean Stewart

Senior Nick Burgess expects to be out until mid-January.

Heritages’ soccer team physically beats down the boys’ soccer teams Friday, but the Wildcats prevailed, defeating the junior varsity Panthers 3-0 and the varsity team 3-1. Freshman Jacob Klenotich and senior Nick Burgess both ended up in the same emergency room after being hurt by the Panthers.

“I don’t remember much, or any of what happened but I was told I was forearmed in the temple and got a minor concussion,” Klenotich said. “I didn’t really know what was going on or where I was, so I was taken to the emergency room for a CAT scan. “

“After my scan I was waiting for results when I see Burgess roll into the emergency room in his wheelchair,” Klenotich said. “It was pretty funny actually. I wouldn’t have thought to have seen another West Shore student come into the same emergency room as me, but we talked and kept each other occupied for a little bit.”

Klenotich said he will be out for two weeks and will have to do a five-step program created to make sure he has little or no symptoms left before he goes back onto the field.

Burgess, on the other hand, said he would be out for an estimated eight weeks and although it is difficult to stay in shape, he will try to keep his fitness up through swimming and bicycling.

“I had gotten kicked when my leg was planted,” Burgess said. “All the weight was planted on my one leg, but it just twisted and rotated underneath me and led to the tearing of some ligaments in the ankle and a slight fracture.”

As Burgess rolled into the emergency room in the wheel chair, he looked up and was instantly surprised seeing Klenotich.

“It took me a minute to process before I realized it was Jacob lying there in a bed,” Burgess said. “The emergency room was around 30 minutes away from the fields, so I wasn’t expecting to see Jacob there. I wasn’t surprised with his injuries since heritage players are so cruel and nasty, hurting all of our players.”

By Fallon Klenotich