Girls basketball crushes Edgewood


Zuri Lawrence

Senior Lydia Kline drives the ball down the court Monday night.

Senior Lydia Kline scored 16 points and had 5 assists to lead the Lady Wildcats varsity basketball team to a 58-19 victory against Edgewood, the team’s biggest rival, on Monday night. Sophomore Mary Billhartz contributed to the beat-down with 14 points and 4 steals.

The game was so one-sided that the referees had a running clock on Edgewood, which means they don’t stop the clock from running at a normal stoppage of play, such as a ball out of bounds.

“Everyone contributed to the win tonight,” team captain Lydia Kline said. “All the girls played hard and the upcoming season is looking good with the way our team has performed tonight. I’m looking forward to see how we are going to do. Not a bad way to kick off the season if I do say so myself.”

The girls will next play at home Wednesday in the season’s first conference game against Cocoa Beach. The game starts at 7 p.m.  The Lady Wildcats have beaten Cocoa Beach in previous years, but the score is expected to be close, based on their most recent meetings.

“It’s going to be another big win for us,” Coach Jeff Smith said. “We play this team in districts and need to come out with the win. Cocoa Beach is always a good competitor for us when our teams play, and the girls are ready and looking forward to this tough game.”

By Keegan Schauman