Dancers hope gifts inspire soccer team


Courtesy of Mattie Shaw

Showing her support, Mattie Shaw poses with her secret soccer player Robert Madden (center).

To start up the season with spirit, the Purrfections dance team has begun its annual  secret soccer player activity. For the rest of the season, the dancers give soccer players candy, Gatorade and good-luck notes before key games.

“Secret Soccer is when the dance team brings gifts to their chosen soccer player in order to motivate the soccer boys because the dancers are supposed to have school spirit and we care about the soccer team,” team captain Devin Dolnik said.

The dancers have been doing secret soccer for at least six years. Their goal is to get the boys ready for the games so they will play better.

But some members of the dance team wonder if the boys appreciate the gifts and if they actually helps them get ready for the games.

“There have been times when the boys compare and rank gifts,” sophomore Rachel Montgomery said. “We enjoy buying gifts for the them, but when they complain about what they get, it takes away the purpose.”

Freshman Ian Leighton, a first year player on varsity, said he loves having a Secret Dancer.

“I get more excited and hyped for the games when I get a gift, and we appreciate it a lot,” Ian Leighton said.

Senior Robert Madden, captain of the soccer team, has been on the team since the dancers started doing secret soccer.

“I love having Secret Dancers because in the mornings when we have home games we get some sweet gifts that remind us that some people do care about the soccer team,” he said. “Having secret dancers also gives a special bond between the dancers and the soccer players.”

By Jessie Shaw