Concrete falls off overhang in Building 3

This week in the Building 3 hallway, a piece of concrete fell off the underlying rebar. The administration has placed two cones directly beneath the area where the concrete fell as a seemingly temporary solution. Assistant Principal Rob Farrell believes this is an isolated incident.

“When they put in the railings, they drilled into the top of the walkways. Over the years water has seeped into the holes they drilled, and what is happening is that the water seeps in the rebar causing it to rust a little bit, causing the concrete to deteriorate a little bit,” Farrell said. “That being said after all the rains that we had last month, it was just a little too much for it to handle.”

Sophomore Juan Rodriguez said the situation concerns him.

“I’m worried about it because I wouldn’t want a young fellow like me to get smashed by concrete,” Rodriguez said. “I am shocked concrete is coming off the rebar. The school may have to put some time and money down for this incident.”

Rodriguez, however, did devise a potential temporary solution that he suggests implementing.

“I would fall in love with West Shore if they paid senior citizens to escort us through Building 3 so we can get to the other side in one piece,” Rodriguez said. “ Hard hats should be enforced to guarantee the safety of the students and make sure that once they get crushed, at least their head are safe and sound. That’s what matters, safety first.”

However Farrell does not believe these measures are necessary.

“I dont suggest it. Like I said, this is still a safe school. We’re dealing with it being an old school. Like anything that you have, as it gets older, things start to break down.”

By Mamoon Syed