Caudill returns to stage after three-year hiatus


Kyle Townsend

Juniors Kyle Caudill and Evan Courtney rehearse an intense scene the week before opening night.

Junior Kyle Caudill makes his return to the theater program in a principal role for the first time in three years Friday in the fall musical “Oliver!”

“I didn’t realize how much I missed the camaraderie of theater,” Caudill said. “It’s a good time.”

The last school production Caudill participated in was the 2014 spring production of “Aladdin Jr.” After that, he chose to focus on sports.

“I didn’t really have an interest in theater,” he said.

After suffering a knee injury last year, Caudill decided to use his extra time to participate in theater.

Director Maureen Fallon expressed her approval for Caudill’s strong performance after his time off.

“I’ve known Kyle a long time,” she said. “Anytime anybody who’s talented like him, who comes into a cast [like West Shore’s], it just kind of boosts everything up.”

Following “Oliver!,” Caudill plans to continue doing shows.

“I’m looking forward to ‘South Pacific’ the most I’d say because I will hopefully get a more dramatic role,” he said.

Caudill also noted that he was considering expanding what he hoped to do in the program.

“I would love to do tech or pit for a show,” he said. “I think it would be a lot less stressful and still be a lot of fun.”

You can watch Caudill make his return as The Artful Dodger at one of the four showings of “Oliver!” Friday through Sunday.

By Kyle Townsend