Bees create a buzz as swarms invade lunch


Grace Kirschner

A bee invades freshman Baily Hetzel’s lunch during a recent Power Hour.

Sitting outside during lunch has become potentially hazardous to recent swarms of bees that have invaded the campus. 

Freshman Bailey Hetzel had many bees fly into her soup recently and couldn’t finish her lunch.

“I’m disappointed. It’s hard to eat a lunch,” she said. “We already don’t get to sit inside because there is not enough space, so then when we are forced to sit outside, we have to deal with bees trying to attack us.”

Sophomore Sophia Pliego, who is allergic to bee stings, expressed concern.

“It’s a big problem because there are so many, and they get in the food. It’s very difficult to eat lunch because the cafeteria isn’t big enough for all the students,” she said. “Now we either deal with the bees flying around us or hide out in teacher’s classrooms. This also make it extremely difficult to eat lunch with our friends.”

Principal Rick Fleming said the administration is taking action.

“We have contacted several people, including the Safety and Environmental Office and a parent who actually wants to capture the bees and try to relocate them safely without harming them,” he said.

Fleming also has a theory about what is drawing the bees to campus.

“All of the sweet things that are left over on the tables [after lunch] is what is most likely causing this problem,” he said. “We are trying to pick trash up as quickly as possible.”

Freshman Sam Tsark agrees that students need to be more responsible during Power Hour.

“It is really a problem when kids leave their lunch around and don’t clean up after themselves,” Tsark said. “I try as much as possible to tell people — especially the middle schoolers — to clean up their messes.”

By Grace Kirschner