Wolfpack practices to be held on Friday’s

Walter Wilinsky

New comers to the school are encouraged to join the recreational middle school lacrosse team, who will have practices at 4:30. These practices are for newer players to the sport, going over the basics of the sport, from throwing and catching, picking up ground balls, and shooting.

With some parents stepping up to coach, two sophomore’s stepped up to the plate to introduce this sport to seventh graders. Chris Johnson, a midfielder for the team, is one of the students to help these kids learn lacrosse.

“I love the game, whether it’s playing, or teaching others, growing the game is awesome,” Chris Johnson said. “Everyone starts out with a different amount of natural talent, but those who really work hard can become great.”

Even though the team is just practicing, games will be soon to come.

“We have practices every Friday at 4:30,” Johnson said, “Games will start up soon in Viera on weekends.”

All players will need the required equipment for the sport: Helmet, chest pads, elbow pads, gloves, cleats, a mouthguard, a cup, and a stick.