Volleyball comes first for soccer players

A school policy that says an athlete cannot compete in a second sport until completing the season for sport they have already started has had a profound impact on six players on the varsity volleyball team. On Tuesday night, the entire offense for the varsity soccer team could not play in the Pre-Season Classic game against last year’s state champion runner-up Vero Beach High because those players were taking on Satellite High School in the volleyball district semifinals at Edgewood Junior/Senior High School.

“You have to fulfill your commitment to the team you’re on,” said Junior Amanda Farthing, who plays on both varsity teams.

Junior Erin Berube, who plays on the soccer team, expressed concern about the six volleyball players who also play on soccer.

“People that play volleyball are central to our team,” Berube said.

Berube said their absence won’t affect the team’s statistics at first because the early games are pre-season and do not count in the standings.

Assistant varsity soccer Coach Chuck Keener said he understands the policy, but believes the soccer team’s performance in the Pre-season Classic could be affected. But, he said, when the volleyball season ends, the transition from volleyball to soccer should be easy.

“[It] should be seamless,” Keener said, “They should roll in where they normally should be.”

Keener also said that with coach’s consent, players are allowed to attend the practices of the other sport, but usually the coaches are against it for fear of injuries.

The Pre-Season Classic for girls’ soccer will continue on Thursday at Vero Beach at 7 p.m.

By Jenna Forry