Varsity girls’ basketball opens with resounding win


The girls’ varsity basketball team beat Harmony 48-17 Tuesday at home for the opening game of the season. The team led the game during each quarter.

Junior Anylah Rembert said she felt prepared and ready to play due to the team’s practices and conditioning.

“I was really optimistic during the first game,” she said. “I had never heard of Harmony before, so I wasn’t really sure if they were really good or not. But I was really confident in our team because we had practiced a lot and were prepared for almost any situation.”

Senior and Player of the Game Tiara Quach said she was proud of the team’s performance, while still looking to improve.

“As a team, we played decently well,” she said. “We missed a lot of shots and layups but we ran the plays, did the fast breaks correctly, broke the press from the other team and communicated very well with each other.”

Among techniques and actual performance, the team was able to band together to pull ahead and win the game, with help from their teammates.

“Everyone did a really good job of motivating each other and trying to help when some people got frustrated,” Rembert said.

The team still aims to improve in future games.

“We definitely need to work on our layups,” Rembert said. “A lot of our points come from layups, so we need to be able to make those more frequently. Also, we need to become more familiar with the plays, so doing drills and running sets in practice will help us improve overall.”

The lop-sided victory provides a glimpse of what the team can be, according to Rembert.

“I think as the season progresses we will get better at a lot of things due to having more experience,” she said. “We will be more comfortable playing together as a team and will be more familiar with a lot of game situations.”

Going into the rest of the season, the team not only has confidence in their physical performance, but also in their communication and support throughout the team.

“I believe this team has a lot of potential due to our strong team chemistry, skill level and communication between all of us,” Quach said.

The team will continue to work on their skills and improve as they head into their next game tonight at 7 on their home court against Heritage.

By Brenna Means