Varsity and club soccer differ in subtle ways

With the new high school soccer season starting up and tryouts just ending for boys, many kids are coming off their club soccer season. The new season brings about new challenges including age, height and size differences.

“For me it can be sometimes difficult to play with the older boys because of their size,” midfielder Gavin R. said. “I’m only in eighth grade so I’m not that big yet. I play in the midfield where most of the action takes place, so for me I get pushed off the ball a lot.”

This is different for club however; club soccer is based on age. Even though there might be a few kids who have matured quicker than others, often times everyone is roughly around the same size and the same age.

“For club, most of the guys on the team are about the same size,” junior Chase Hester said. “Occasionally there will be a kid who is just short or a kid that’s just tall, but more times than not every one is close to the same size.”

By Cooper Stein