Teams train intensely during summer

Micah Weber, Staff Writer

Not all athletic teams rest during the summer. Preparation for the upcoming season takes place for many of the sports. This summer most of the girls’ lacrosse players are participating in the University of Florida lacrosse camp and some are attending Florida Atlantic University’s lacrosse camp if they can not attend the UF camp.

“We thought the camp would be a good team bonding experience so that we get to hang out more plus everyone on the team kind of loves each other,” sophomore Kaitlyn Inganna said. “We need improvement on our defensive skills so we felt like the camp would help us with that.”

Girls’ soccer will prepare for the new season with weekly Saturday practices and speed training at Parisi Speed School. Players can also attend the Florida Institute of Technology team soccer camp.

“I think the practices will help us get very fit for the upcoming season,” junior Desiree Shields said. “We will be able to improve our strength and soccer skills over the summer so we aren’t behind when the season comes.” 

Boys’ basketball has two summer practices every week for a couple of months. They also will participate in two tournaments over the summer.

“All of the work put into the season during the summer will help me by improving my skills and my physical condition,” sophomore Chris Mikulas said. “I expect the upcoming season to be challenging because we will have a young team, but I know that we will come out strong in the end.”

Since not all teams do group training, many players work on their own or with some others from the team.

“A lot of players on the boy’s lacrosse team are joining club teams this summer to prepare and get more practice,” junior Jack Moore said.