Swim team prepares for new season

Jackie Martin, Staff Writer

Timing each relay and event through the course of the meet, the swimmers anticipated their times from the annual Blue and Silver meet that took place on August 30th.  Looking forward to a new season, the team swam at its best to show its best times, and prepare for the competition that this year holds.
“We have a lot of great swimmers on the team this year. It’s going to be a competitive season,” senior Trevor Stamand said.
 As the team seeks out the new swimmers, coaches are on the watch for their starting lineup.  Underclassmen are cutting down their times for a chance to grab a spot on the varsity team.
“Some of our best swimmers are upperclassmen, so we’ll probably have a good chance of going far this year,” senior Dane Price said.
Stammand said he’s ready to take charge.
“It feels great to be a senior, and the fact that we’re better than we were last year is exciting,” he said.  “The first meet went really well considering it was the first time competing as a team for the season.”