Captain positions return to swim team

The boys’ swim team has elected senior Ben Heuser and junior Trevor Stamand captains, and the girls elected seniors Kelly Stokes and Bernadette Murphy, returning to a tradition that had been interrupted for a year. 

We didn’t have captains last year because I didn’t want it to be a popularity contest,” Coach Mike Rochelle said. “I didn’t know everyone yet, and captains need to set a good example and improve everyone’s attitude.”

Rochelle said captains can be just effective as a coach in some ways.

They’re one of your peers, that you chose as a leader, and therefore choose to follow. They can lead by example, encourage others to want to be more successful and improve the team’s attitude overall.”

Heuser, a senior, said he appreciates the opportunity for leadership.

Having captains again, as well as the girls breaking so many records this year has really improved team moral and unity,” he said.

Rochelle said he hopes the captains will help other swimmers work harder, push themselves more and become more successful.

Better captains really do make better teams,” he said. This year the boys are rebuilding. They’re uniting as a team, and in a year or two, they will be really surprised at how good they’ll become.”

 By Nick Baker