Soccer players score outside of school


Courtesy Sergio Carlos

Preparing for a tackle, sophomore Alexa Carlos watches the ball.

With state cup in the future and school in the present, sophomore soccer players have been kicking it in and out of school to stay on top of their game. Girls on the Brevard Soccer Alliance U16 Elite club team have improved their ranking from the 50s to 20th in the state. However this status doesn’t occur overnight, the team has had to deal with several kicks to overcome.

“From last year our focus as a team has definitely improved,” center mid-fielder Alexa Carlos said. “We are determined to win more tournaments and do much better at this year’s state cup. Our coach pushes us both mentally and physically, and you have to fight for every minute you get to play on the field.”

Like all teams, there were obstacles to face.

“Not everyone understood the commitment or determination that was needed for the team at times,” forward Fallon Klenotich said. “If you want to take the sport seriously or take it further in life, you have to act like it. Our team has come together so much over this season, and we can see what we’re capable of now.”

Along with club team, players Klenotich and Sydney Zamorano had to manage playing on the school soccer team as well.

“Club and high school practices have collided so many times, but the extra work is worth it,” right back Zamorano said. “The coaches have different expectations, so each team gives new training and skills. I play different positions for high school and club, so I have to stay on my game for each practice.”

Since summer, the team has been training, with practices ranging from three to seven days a week. Between going to the gym, personal trainers and one-on-one sessions with coaches, the girls have been putting in work.

“We’ve been training extremely hard,” Carlos said. “Sometimes during conditioning, I think I’m going to die.”

There has been fun in the time spent working, though.

“I love the girls on both teams. They’re like my second families,” Zamorano said. “Because I’m with my teammates so often I’ve become more bonded with them. I’m incredibly thankful for soccer to bring us together.”

Bonding aside, Klenotich just loves soccer.

“There’s something about the ball at my feet and standing under the field lights,” Klenotich said. “It’s indescribable. Just stepping onto the field and hearing the first blow of a whistle gives me a huge rush every time.”

By Rachel Montgomery