Sports teams gain academic notice

You can make a scholar into an athlete, but apparently you can’t take the scholar out of the athlete. During the winter sports season both boys’ and girls’ soccer and basketball teams ranked highly not only athletically but also academically.

The boys’ soccer team not only advanced to districts but also placed first statewide academically with a cumulative 3.644 team grade-point average, winning the Florida High School Athletic Association’s Academic Team Championship Award for a third consecutive year.

“This means that not only are we pretty good on the field, but we are also pretty good in the classroom,” starting midfielder Ryan Robidoux said. “That says a lot about our character, and it shows how we performed and it shows our discipline. I’m proud of ourselves.”

The girls’ soccer team claimed the Class 2A district championship, also placing fourth statewide with an cumulative 3.680 GPA average.

The girls’ basketball team claimed the District 4A district champions, also placing fifth statewide academically for its cumulative 3.493 team GPA average, winning the FHSAA Academic Team Championship award.

“We all have high IQs and we will go to college,” starting point guard Lydia Kline  said.

The boys’ basketball team advanced to districts but also placed fifth statewide academically for the team’s cumulative 3.196 GPA average.

By Krishna Davda and Konur Oyman