Space Coast Crew to compete in Sunrise Sprints on Saturday

Space Coast Crew will open its sprint season at the 1,000-meter Sunrise Sprints race in Orlando on Jan. 29.

“I’m pretty excited for my first race because I want to see what they are like,” sophomore Anna Guerra said. “I really hope to do well, and I plan on focusing all my energy on it and working out even on days when I don’t have crew [practice].”

The 2010 race was cancelled due to rain, so second-year rowers will be experiencing Sunrise Sprints for the first time.

“Last year it was pretty disappointing that we got cancelled because all the other returnees said it is a really fun race,” sophomore Nicole Marmol said. “I think it will be a change of pace because the race is only 1,000 meters.”

Typical high-school crew races are 1,500 to 2,00o meters long.

Space Coast Crew will be participating in a race almost every weekend until the beginning of May. By Maddie Dimond