Space Coast Crew looking for recruits

Sommer Hidy, Staff Writer

Space Coast Crew continues to recruit new member for this year’s team.

“We were hoping for 45 novices this year and we have about 25 registered now, so 20 more kids would be ideal,” novice coach Sam Moriarty said. “ More novices means growth for not only this team, but for the sport in general. There’s a lot to be learned through rowing, about teamwork and yourself, and I think there is no one who wouldn’t benefit in some way from trying it out.”

The organization currently has enough men to make two full boats, but not enough women to make a full boat.

“Crew has something for everyone,” captain Vianca Rivera said. “It’s a great way to get in shape and make friends with kids from other schools or even your school you wouldn’t generally talk to or meet. Essentially, everyone becomes a family and it’s an extremely rewarding experience.”

Students interested should go to to find a schedule for the fall season and fill out the proper forms. Students are encouraged to attend the soonest practice possible if they were unable to attend a row for free camp.