Soccer champs to be honored at pep rally

The boys’ varsity soccer team will be recognized at today’s pep rally for its state championship title.

The Wildcats defeated Berkley Prep 3-2 at the state finals game in February. Now, the team will receive its championship rings and unveil the state championship banner in front of the high school student body.

“I think that it’s just a testament to what we are about,” senior Kevin Kurtz said. “It’s humbling that they are honoring us and everyone on the team deserves to be recognized for their contribution to our success.”

With support from the fans, the experience of being the a state champion is something the team, in addition to the school, will never forget.

“It’s something I’ll remember until the day I die. It makes me look forward to the future,” Kurtz said. “All my hard work has paid off in the best way possible and I hope to continue that philosophy.”

Students who have purchased fan T-shirts for the soccer team have been asked to wear them at the pep rally.

“I think it’s a good way for the student body to come together as one,” sophomore Sarah Brusca said. “It just took the support of boy’s soccer to make us a whole.”

By Liam Wixted