Satellite rips boys’ lacrosse 13-1

Sarah Brusca, Staff Writer

Despite freshman Austin Altevogt scoring the team’s only goal the Wildcats boys’ lacrosse team fell to Satellite 13-1 Tuesday night. The team has yet to win a match this season.

“We weren’t prepared for the game,” Altevogt said. “We didn’t come out with one hundred percent effort and had no heart while playing.”

Junior Ryan Bellone said the team could have closed the gap in the goal differential the squad and its players would start to communicate and connect on the field.

“All good teams talk on the field,” Bellone said.  “It’s something that is killing us and we seriously need to work on.”

A glaring weakness for the team appears to be their need to look up more, and put more shots on the ground, at least according to Altevogt. The team continues play at Holy Trinity on Thursday, with varsity face-off at 7 p.m.