Runners take off early to avoid heat

Sarah Day, Staff Writer

Based on the rising heat and humidity in Florida, it makes sense why on Aug. 22 the cross country team starting holding practices at 7 a.m.

“The main reason that I like morning practices because it is not so hot,” varisity captain Luke Redito said. “Also I am naturally a morning person so I tend to be my best in the morning, running-wise. It’s a lot easier to get in to the right mind set for the day when I run in the morning. Also it helps to double in the afternoon because having high (quality) mileage transfers in to fast race times when the important races come in the fall.”

The morning practices will continue throughout the entire season until Districts approach in November. At that time, the runners will begin decreasing their mileage in order to reach peak performance.

“I  feel like running in the morning gives you a burst of energy throughout the day,” said Jacob Smite, top varsity runner. “It’s really nice getting your workout over with when it’s cool out so that you don’t have to worry about not running to your full potential because the heat is draining all of your energy. I think by having morning practices we will become stronger as a team.”