Purr-fections wind up dance season

Performing at its last official games Friday night, the Purr-fections dance team wound up a season filled with successes.

The dance team was selected out of many schools in Brevard to perform at the ABC Award Ceremony Jan. 19, where they received much praise from school board members.  The Purrfections also competed at the Florida UDA Regional Dance Competition on Jan. 21.

“The season was really great,” sophomore Keiran Sheridan said. “We improved so much as a team and had so much fun.”

At the regional competition, varsity team placed sixth place in the varsity jazz division and fourth in the pom division.  The JV team placed second in the middle school pom division.

“We were so thrilled that we could do so well against teams at competition that were so much bigger and so much more experienced than us,” Sheridan said. “It was great that we put ourselves out there and go to a bigger competition.”

The dance team has also achieved the feat of having an overall GPA of 3.8 even with more than half of the dancers also dancing at other dance studios in the area.

”It is always hard to go against teams like the ones at regionals who do nothing but dance all the time,” senior Jennifer Garrido said. “We are also trying to balance all the school work, grades and dancing.”

Garrido also believes the dance team got more respect this year.

“I was super happy about this year because we mainly dance just to have fun and support fans and the teams,” Garrido said. “I was really happy that we got recognized for how hard we work.”

By Lauren Youngson