Players pick soccer over dance

Sometimes hard decisions must be made in life, such as choosing club sports over school events. Junior Victor Hernandez and senior Nick Burgess missed out on the Homecoming dance this past weekend to play club soccer games.

In Silver Springs, FL, Hernandez lost against FC Dallas 4-0  in the Florida Soccer Premiere League on Saturday.

“I was mad about not going to Homecoming, especially since we didn’t win,” Hernandez said. “I kind of felt that I missed out after seeing everyone posting pictures of how much fun they had.”

Hernandez added that because of soccer, he was not able to attend last year’s Homecoming as well, which made it easier to get past not going again this year.

Not all outcomes ended in a defeat though, as Burgess’s team won both weekend games 4-2 in Atlanta, earning 6 points for the league altogether. Every victory for a team in a soccer league earns 3 points towards the league standings.

“To be completely honest, I was upset about missing Homecoming, especially when other kids on my team skipped the games,” Burgess said. “But knowing that we beat our rivals, Florida Rush, and got 6 points out of the weekend makes it a lot easier.”

Burgess added that his team is in one of the best leagues in the country, so he sees the games as having greater value over Homecoming.

By Fallon Klenotich